Community Initiatives & Social Responsibility

As a business, we recognize a meaningful responsibility to serve, strengthen and inspire positive social change in the human communities where we operate. We get excited about what is possible when companies and communities get together to create a better future for everyone. As a Sensible City Certified Community-Oriented Business, we organize our activities, events and development agenda to compliment people, programs and initiatives that are making a measurable impact.

Planned Giving

As a company, we commit a minimum of 2% of our pre-tax profits to organizations focusing on youth leadership and community empowerment.

Affinity Programs

In today’s economic environment, nonprofits, chambers of commerce and other organizations with large subscriber bases are looking for alternative funding sources. With the RHS Group Affinity and Associated Marketing Program, partnered groups and associations are awarded a monthly residual royalty. Each time a member uses the services of RHS Group, a monthly award is paid to partnering organizations, in the form of a percentage of the member’s monthly telecom expenditures. Members also get a savings of at least 20 percent off of their telecommunications and overall data service spending.

Some of the program’s benefits include:

  • Dependable monthly royalty checks
  • Services are customized for the organization which can include:
  • Residential as well as Business Programs
  • Local, Long Distance, Data, Internet, VoIP, and Wireless Solutions.
  • An additional member benefits to be marketed to the membership organization base
  • RHS does all of the work and partnering organizations simply receive a check

This marketing program is based on a proven methodology for success. It is a quasi-franchise approach which is customized to each specific organizations requirements. All of this makes the RHS Group Affinity and Associated Marketing Programs a winning proposition.

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