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The telecommunications industry recently endured an extended period of change marked by deregulation, escalation and competition. For many, the lack of balance and reliable information brought chaos to the market place. In many cases, businesses entered into agreements for services for which they did not understand or, worse yet, signed up for services with companies which quickly went out of business.

In the aftermath, the telecom survivors are more competitive than ever.

The RHS Group is a telecommunications and data services brokerage. Rather than push promotions, RHS delivers what IT executives and business owners want most: clear, concise, unbiased information about a plethora of options. No sales reps. No upsells. No nonsense.

In this brokerage model, the RHS Group reviews all available choices with our clients. Together, we choose the best solution for our client's needs. We co-create and execute any necessary transition plans to make sure that our clients don't experience any data or service loss, should the client choose to change carriers. If a company is locked into a contract with a nonproductive telecom provider, we negotiate alternatives to loss that will enable the best outcome for every client. In the end, the RHS Group then receives a commission from the carrier and charges no-fee for these services to the client.

Our management approach fosters a long-term relationship with our customers. In this model we take our customers out of the telecommunications business and let them do what they do best, run their business. Over 90% of the time we are able to obtain a savings of at least 20% and have obtained customer savings as high as 65%. After transitions are complete and everyone goes back to business-as-usual, the RHS Group continues to act as a long-term, trusted advisor.

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