How Do You Choose a Voice & Data Provider?

On Your Own

With RHS

  • Call 5 different companies
  • Set Up 5 one-hour meetings
  • Listen to 5 biased salespeople
  • Deflect the aggressive followup attempts of 5 salespeople
  • Optional: Spend days negotiating a custom contract
  • Spend many hours interpreting contracts, reviewing & comparing
  • Make choice at your own risk and in most cases, find yourself locked into a contract that is full of surprises or just too expensive
  • Set Up One 30-Minute Meeting
  • RHS Negotiates On Your Behalf With Up To 50 Competing Carriers
  • Receive One Quote Indexing Multiple Carriers with Comparison of:
    • Competitive Pricing
    • Contractual Nuances & Warnings
    • Service History & Expectation
    • Available Promotion
  • Allow Our Experts To Assist You In Transition, If Necessary

How We Do IT….. On a NO-FEE Basis

• Audit Existing Service
• Provide Alternative Recommendations
• Manage Implementation Process
• Facilitate long term advisory relationship

Our Guarantee… to provide you with the most cost aggressive solution from your chosen carriers.


Over 90% of our clients experience savings in excess of 20%. Some have experienced savings in excess of 65%

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